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Wake-up Information

The first thing you'll notice when you wake up is that it's really dark.

There are no windows in the room. At the very center of the room, there are two particularly large statues, connected together by a thick mass of chains and covered in seals and caution tape. You can see large chunks of rock from the walls and ceiling have been blasted away, reduced to nothing more than rubble: evidence of battles both in the past and more recently. There is only one set of large stone doors, currently sealed--for your safety, of course.

Any weapons you may have had prior to your arrival have been stripped. Anything else you may have had--books, toys, car keys--are still in your pockets, but anything dangerous is long gone. You briefly panic, but that's brought to a halt rather quickly by what sounds like a television turning on.

Three large screens flicker to life out of thin air, revealing a red-haired figure, Spirit Albarn. Calling himself the reigning Death Scythe, he insists that you remain calm, before explaining the situation.

You have been brought to Shibusen Technical Institute in Death City, Nevada - and smack into the middle of a war with witches. Following the death of the previous Shinigami-sama – the standing leader of Shibusen and Death City – the witches have begun attacking the city. A mysterious Demon Tool named BREW is responsible for your presence there, and unfortunately, there is nothing Spirit or Shinigami-sama can do about it until the conflict is drawn to a close.

About now, Spirit points out that you have lost your weapons and your powers if you had any before coming here. He again asks you to calm down, and explains that the BREW is also responsible for this. However, he says, it seems that all of the guests that have been brought here also acquired the skills natural to this world. You are either a meister or a weapon. A weapon is a person whose physical self changes into that of a weapon, and the meister is the person who wields him. There are people who can identify which one you are, if they’re available today.

Spirit goes on to add that there are other skills and abilities that you may find yourself possessing while in Death City, and he hopes that you will use them to aid in the war. He offers you a choice: stick around the city as a civilian, or join Shibusen and fight the witches.

After assuring you that any and all accommodations will be made for you, he suggests contacting the other guests – because apparently, you're not the first to show up here.

Giving you a portable communicator, which allows for video, text, and audio entries, you are promptly escorted to your new--and hopefully temporary--home, Casualty Communal.

[ What next? Well, to start, you should post on this entry.

Second, please make sure you read the FAQ if you have not already. If you have, now would be a good time to reread for the smoothest possible playing experience.]

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